Inspection Services

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Inspection Services

We work directly with lenders, credit card processors and insurance providers for the purposes of establishing occupancy, interviewing borrowers, property owners and tenants, identifying collateral, assessing condition, risk or damages concerning homes and businesses, verifying business operations, and addressing any other concerns the lender or insurer may have.

We are NOT an appraisal service or certified home or building inspector.

Need a field services professional? Let us be your remote eyes and ears. We provide detailed, well written reports and quality photos.

  • Loan collateral
  • Insurance surveys
  • Draw inspections
  • Occupancy checks
  • Business site verifications
  • Drive-by inspections
  • Delinquency interviews

We currently work as an independent contractor for some of the biggest names in national field inspection services. We don’t list them here because our competitors don’t need to know who we do business with, but we’ll be happy to fill you in if you drop us a message.